Thursday, November 08, 2007


There's one event that's certain in everyone's life. At the end of it.

It's death.

Nobody can escape it.

It comes sooner or later.

No matter how healthy or rich one may be.

It's inevitable.

It usually comes unannounced.

Like the job you had one day. The next day you didn't....

You are breathing one moment. The next moment you aren't.

What happened?

The same physical body is there. But "you" are not there.... anymore.... ever wonder why?


Are you prepared for death?

You have planned all your life. For big events and small.

But have you planned for the only event that's certain?

Have you planned for death?

Saturday, September 08, 2007


Have you ever moved a home or relocated to another place far away?

Did you find it to be difficult? Tiring? Frustrating?

Don't want to do it again, if possible. Right?

Oh, really?

How about the moving that almost all of us do every few tens of years.... the moving with which might come much more change than one can imagine....

Aren't you tired of this moving?

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


The world seem to be "running" these days....

Running after money (material things), sex or fame....

Or a combination of the above....

Everlasting happiness, though, remains elusive.

The longer the run, the farther it seems true happiness is....

Oh seeker, is there any end to this run?

Dare to run for something else....

On a path that is very lightly traveled these days....

Dare to help those whom nobody is willing to help....

Not for anything in return but because they are Lord's creatures too....

Dare to run even beyond what earlier such unique runners have gone....

Dare to run such a run as has never been run before ....

Saturday, April 21, 2007

What is most important?

What is more important for you - wealth, health or spiritual growth?

How much time do you spend outwardly on each of the above?

How much time do you really spend on each of them?

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


You spend all your life earning a lot of wealth. Time comes when it's time to leave the physical body. You know it's not possible to take a single penny with you, leave alone all the wealth.

Or is it (possible)?

What if there was a way?

Monday, April 16, 2007

What would you ask?

What if someOne was able to and ready to give you anything that you wanted? Anything in this cosmos? Anything in the Lord's creation?

What would you ask?

Or would you ask nothing?

Saturday, February 17, 2007


You are vegetarian. For life. From inside. It's your decision. Taken without pressure. Your choice.

A dear one of yours eats meat. Someone who trusts you. Someone who listens to you. Someone who cares for you and what you have to say.

Maybe you can help this dear one.... to become a vegetarian too.... like yourself.... to benefit from this change like you have done....

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Never forget

What is the activity that anyone who is alive never forgets whether the being is very busy, stressed out, sick, having a good time or very absent-minded?


It's breathing...

We never forget to breathe whatever the situation until we die.

Who gave us this breath?

Let's not forget to remember the source of this breath every time we use it...

Monday, September 25, 2006

The Reluctant Masters

What if you meet a stranger and he tells you: "Come, follow me!"

What if some strange knock wakes you up in the middle of the night and tells you: "You have wasted your life following your master".

What if one day you find that after 10 years of sadhana you are still where you started from?

This is possible. This can happen to anyone seriously seeking "That" by which everything gets known. Such moments of revelation can disillusion the seeker. These very moments can also lead the seeker to the True Master. Such masters are rare and their work is usually done in silence and in secret.

They are the reluctant masters. Reluctant because they don't have a choice. Not a word will they speak nor move an inch of their own accord. Yet they seem to control the fate of those who are seen around them.

They are not here to transform people or society; nor is their purpose to improve mankind. These masters do not perform miracles or heal people. Yet miracles happen, healing takes place, people get transformed and mankind benefits by their presence. But they deny changes and refuse to take credit for them. According to them, all this is part of God's leela (play) and all that has to happen has already happened!

The only freedom you have is to drop your ego and get in touch with the source. The source that is inside you, pulsating with the rhythm of this very existence. That is the only freedom you have. Everything else is an illusion. Only a real master can lead you to the path that crosses all barriers of illusions.

Such masters may be rare and reluctant, but they are always waiting for you.

You may receive a message, an address or a personal visit from these masters. They could be dressed like ordinary people, living ordinary lives. They could be from any profession: from cobbler, chef, gardener, driver to an accountant, or CEO of a corporate house. No job is good or bad for them. It does not really matter. What matters is the Divine.

The first meeting with any such master will be the moment of truth - and death for the seeker. Truth of the seeker and the master, and death of the past and the future.

What transpires between the reluctant master and the seeker will be only 'now', in the present moment. Every moment their relationship will happen. Every moment they will communicate and pierce the hearts of the seekers of the Divine. The seeker will die every moment and live every moment.

However, the heart that is pierced is not the physical heart. That is just an organ of the body.

What keeps man alive?

What force pumps the blood?

What makes the physical body and the heart pulsate to a certain rhythm?

How does one breathe?

Where does the vital force originate and where does it end?

Where is the life force stored and how does it get revitalised?

The answer lies in the lotus of the (principal) heart. Only a competent master, from the lineage of the most secretly guarded ancient tradition of initiation, is permitted to reveal it to the 'chosen few' seekers directly under the supervison of the Divine.

These masters can never be sought in crowds. Nor will they have an army of disciples. They will be waiting somewhere for their chosen disciples: in remote huts in a jungle or in somebody's house. There will be no dazzling display of personality or oratorial skills. They will sit quietly. But one look from them is enough to seduce you to the Divine. Such masters could take you by your hand in your full wakefulness, in your own physical body, to other realms of existence.

Such masters exist. Not only in India but throughout the world. But there are only a few hundred of them at any given time on earth. They remain unknown to the world. Only their closest disciples know about them.

If you meet such a master, let him catch you. Allow him to take you wherever he can.

But how would you know? Only he will know whether you are ready. Only he can extend his hand. You only need to be available.

Without such masters, no meditation can help. At the most, it would make you a little relaxed, and enhance your talents. A businessman would become a refined businessman. A poet would write with more clarity. And so on.

Unless a competent master burns all old sanskaras (impressions in the mind) cleansing out the grossness, your anger, greed, lust and ambition, which remain hidden, may surface at a moment of crisis. There are so many schools of meditation, so many teachers and so many masters. But look at their disciples. They are the same!

If you want enlightenment, pray sincerely to God, and the real master will arrive. And when he arrives, you will know.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Blaming others

Blaming others for one's own problems is very easy...

Hai kisey noo
Dosh khino naa
Aapna hi kitan poo na
Teray hi pesh aaana
Teraa kasoor kal noo
Zaahar hazoor kal noo

Oh human! Don't blame someone else
(for your troubles)
When the fault is your own
It must be (the result of) something you did
Yourself in the past
(The result of) Your sins today
Will present itself to you tomorrow
The result will be manifest tomorrow

Thursday, July 27, 2006


Why is anger considered bad? Everybody must have wondered about this at one time or another.

So, what are the reasons?

- Anger causes loss of self-control; actions done in anger may be regretted deeply once the angry phase has ended.
- It causes us to breathe faster - thus shortening our lifespan... as the lifespan granted to us for this lifetime during our last Day of Reckoning in the Court is measured in the number of times we breathe (and not in years or days).
- It causes heat generation in the body (along with faster breathing) - frequent anger can be linked to certain ailments like hypertension and heart disease...

So, how to decrease one's anger?

- The best way is meditation... done in the proper way...
- One of the main sources of anger is lust and the non-fulfillment of this desire... if one can get contended on this front, anger will automatically decrease...
- Eating proper foods... not eating stale and non-veg food is a no-brainer... but even some types of vegetarian foods are considered "hot"... However, one should not worry too much about this provided one eats vegetarian food... keeping moderation in mind while eating the "hot" foods...
- Company of "cool" and like-minded spiritual people... spiritual talk/discussion.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Living within one's means

MR teaches us to always try remaining (if possible) one level below what our financial status dictates...

Example, if I can afford to buy a BMW, I should probably consider a Honda Accord instead...

This helps ensure that we always live within our means... and don't have to borrow money from others... it may also help in other ways...

Thursday, July 13, 2006

What to teach the kid?

What stream should I encourage the kid to learn?









What do you think?


I would encourage the kid to learn that (stream) "by knowing which nothing remains to be known"!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Guru Poornima

Tomorrow is Guru Poornima... the day of the Guru...


Friday, July 07, 2006


The Supreme One doesn't like ego.

Notice how the Sun glows red at dusk and dawn (hint).

Let's avoid building our ego at all costs.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The first prayer

There was a prayer (aarti) that was addressed to the Lord by the first thousand beings that the Lord created... it was a sampling of His virtues...

The first prayer still exists to this day... in unpublished form...

Monday, July 03, 2006


When we go to theme parks, we laugh and enjoy when we see all these "illusions".

What is our reaction when faced with "illusions" in our daily life and when faced with those that appear once in a while?

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Vision of Enlightened Masters

The Supreme Lord is One.

(So-called) religions in the world are many.

Enlightened Masters from (outwardly) different religions merged into the same Supreme One.

The essence of all Enlightened Master's message was the same.

The languages and the way they spread their message was different.

Some selfish people twisted the message of many Enlightened Masters to suit their own purposes.

They tried to distinguish and change the message in the name of religion. Many of them succeeded in doing this.

The original message of most Enlightened Masters seems to have got lost in today's world.

It is the vision of the Reluctant Master to extract the original message of some of the famous Enlightened Masters irrespective of religion and let it be known to those sincerely

Seeking the Truth ....

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

What you came in this world for?

Another one of my Master's Guru's poems extracts in a mixture of North Indian languages (primarily Punjabi and Urdu)... be warned this one is very blunt and may not be understood by everybody... if you are just starting to read this blog, it may not be advisable to read this post first...

Bande! Ohh din yaad nahin
Jad maat gharab which aayan see
Bakara jeeven halal karake
Phuthan kar latkayan see

Bhatti de which bhande vangu
Agni jal pakaya see
Khada peeta sar sar jhanda
Tenu Rab bhachaya see

Bhul gayeen yaad Pritam wali
Boondoon guraj banayaan see
Had cham de putaley noon
Par khoob too chamkaya see

Naam daan ka vaada karkey
Ta too aithey aayaan see
Bhool gaya is duniya mein tu
Ki karney noon aayan see

O human!
You have forgotten the day
When you came into your mother's womb
You were hung upside down
The same way as a lamb is
Hung after being butchered at
A butcher's place

You had to face the oven like heat
Inside your mother's womb
You were exposed to all the
Feces and heat inside there
The Lord saved you there

(Now that you are outside)
You have forgotten to
Remember the Lord
Your body was made from a
Drop (of semen)
This statue of bones and flesh
Was made beautiful and attractive
By the Lord

You came out
By giving promises
That You will meditate on His name
And will give to the saints and the needy
(Now that you are out)
You have forgotten what you
Came in this world for

Sunday, June 18, 2006

God in Enlightened Master's body

Question: So, when in the religious scriptures (like Vedas), it is written that God's form is very large, how can it fit into an Enlightened soul's (small) human body upon reaching realization?

Answer: Upon Realization, the Enlightened soul's body also becomes very large, just that the human eyes cannot see this...

Khuda ja rahan noor ki deh dhar kar, loog samajthey hein ki aam aadmi ja rahan hein...

God is walking in the form of a human, and people are thinking that a common person is walking...

Such are the true Enlightened Masters...

Friday, June 16, 2006

Your deeds are inhuman

Teri surat to insani hein
Kartoot na kar hayvani hein
Fir akhar hoot hayrani hein
Kuch nayki kar vadkar na kar

(If) Your face is like a human
But your deeds are like demons
In the end, you will be surprised
(with the result in the Court)
Do some good deeds
Don't waste your time here

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Journey through this world

Another one of my Master's Guru's poems (a small part of it) in a mixture of North Indian languages (primarily Punjabi and Urdu):

Yeh chalti firati duniya hein
Isme rahena ka itbar na kar
Zara gaur se aagey kadam utha
Tu aapna garam bazaar na kar


This life is a journey through this world
Don't think you will stay here forever
Be careful with your next step
Don't get too occupied here


Saturday, June 10, 2006

Noor - Light

Another of my Master's Guru's poems written in a mixture of North Indian languages (primarily Punjabi and Urdu):

Duniya da vali purakh Akal hein
Roz roz kare sab ki sambhal hein
Ajab banaya sara dastoor hein
Duniya de which sarey tera noor hein

The Lord of this world is You (O God!) Yourself
You take care of everybody every day
Astonishing are Your rules (customs)
You are the light of the whole world

Dhono hath joor ke namaskar hein
Kartar tera na koi shumaar hein
Ang-ang which sarey bharpur hein
Duniya de which sarey tera noor hein

I fold both my hands and salute (Namaskar / Namaste) You
O Master! You don't have any equal
(You are not accountable to anyone)
All the organs of the body are full of You
You are the light of the whole world

Rachna racha-ae kisey noo na dasada
Ang-ang sarey which aap vasada
Koi aakh sakada na neray door hein
Duniya de which sarey tera noor hein

How You created this Creation
You tell nobody
You exist in all parts of the body Yourself
Nobody can say that You are near or far
You are the light of the whole world

Aap hi Rahim keetay aap Ram hein
Aapey Hindu aapey deen Aslam hein
Desh tey bidesh sarey mashoor hein
Duniya de which sarey tera noor hein

You Yourself are Rahim and
You Yourself are Ram
You Yourself are Hindu and
You Yourself are Muslim
You are famous in this and all
Other countries
You are the light of the whole world

Kisey noo maloom tera na asool hein
Aapey avtar aapey hi rasool hein
Terey bina khali koi na zaroor hein
Duniya de which sarey tera noor hein

Nobody knows what is Your principle
You Yourself are an avatar
You Yourself are an Apostle (Prophet)
Nobody is empty without You
You are the light of the whole world


You can hear this poem by clicking here. (Note: broadband connection may be required as the file size is about 20MB).

Monday, June 05, 2006

Enlightened Masters in current world

And there still are about 200 Enlightened Masters in the world today... almost all hidden... all over the world, including America... this being the Supreme Lord's will in the current era of Kaliyug...

However, beware of those calling themselves as Enlightened... they are not...

Monday, May 29, 2006

Washing away sins

Sins committed in the past cannot be washed away by bathing in a holy river, by giving to (most) saints or needy people, by doing most good deeds (sat karma), and similar other actions.

Sins can be washed away in only two ways... you may ask if you really want to learn them; please don't bother if you are only trying to increase your knowledge...

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Forms of Life

There are 8400000 forms of life.

I have been through many of them.

Then I was given the human form, the best of them all.

The only form of life in which the (selfless) meditation of the Supreme One is accepted.

Have I really used it?

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Your sins will be made famous tomorrow

Another of my Master's Guru's writings in a mixture of North Indian languages (primarily Punjabi and Urdu) (be warned that this post may not be suitable for beginning spiritual seekers...) :

"Denaa hisaab pahena bande zaroor kal noo-oo
Kitna chupa le zahar hazoor kal noo-oo

Badiyaan which umar guzareen
Akhar noo muskil pareen

Paapan de beray vapari
Rowan ge jhoor kal noo

Zhulam kamaan lein chahey
Gal de which pehney fahein

Ketney chupa le chahey
Hooney mashoor kal noo-oo..."

A day will definitely come when you will be held accountable for all your actions in this human life
Irrespective of how much you try to hide them (the bad or sinful ones)

You spent the entire life doing useless and sometimes harmful stuff
In the end you will face a lot of difficulties

You are a big merchant of sins
You will cry a lot (in the Court of Justice after death)
(But then it will be too late)

You might do atrocities here
There (in the Court) they will hang you with a noose around your neck

Irrespective of how much you try to hide them (your wrongful actions and sins)
They will be made famous tomorrow (a day in the Court)...

The message for people like myself is to be very careful... think before any action... whether it's right or wrong and to avoid it if it might be wrong... because the law in the Court of Justice is very strict... there everything is well-defined... there is no leniency for anybody in the Court...

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A pure heart

My master's Guru wrote in a mixture of North Indian languages (primarily Punjabi and Urdu):

"Agar dil ka aaeena sufan na huan
Hein dil mein Khuda to khabhar hi nahin"

If the mirror of the (Real) heart is not clean (pure)
Then even though God resides inside it, one doesn't know about it.

"Agar dil sufa to Khuda har jaghan
Kahin karna to parta safar hi nahin"

If the mirror of the (Real) heart is clean (pure)
One can (truly) realize that God is everywhere
And there would be no need to go anywhere (outside) in search of Him.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Western world

Be warned that the post below may not be understood by everybody...

Most people are born in the western world as a result of some very good deeds done in the past lives. This is because the comforts, material wealth (maya) and quality of life available in the western world is not available in most of the rest of the world. People from all over the world want to be get an opportunity to live in the western world - but very few are able to get this chance.

However, due to God's will, in this era of Kalyug, most of the people born in the western world are "spending" all the fruits earned as a result of their past good deeds while not doing more good deeds for the future. As a result, next lifetime, some of the same people might be born in ...

There is a way by learning which a person can always be born in the western world, always live in comfort and material wealth and it's not difficult to learn or practice. If only, one makes a little effort to learn this way...

Many of the western people have a good clean base (soul) to build upon. If only, they would try to use this solid base and grow spiritually, they could do it much faster than many of the other spiritual people...

Monday, May 15, 2006

Death - changing of clothes

Death is just like changing clothes...

Upon death, the soul changes it's worn out clothes, the physical body...

So, why cry when somebody dies? Why mourn when the person is just changing the old clothes?

Want the Lord and the world both?

"Hum Khuda khavahi va hum duniya doon
Ek khayalastu muhalastu zoloom"

O human, you wish for the Lord
And along with Him you also wish
For (the pleasures of) this ungrateful world?
This is purely a madness
It is nothing more than a mad thought
Both of these cannot go together...

Sunday, May 14, 2006


Two people are standing together. Lightning strikes. It kills one of them. Nothing happens to the other person. Ever wonder why?

Friday, May 12, 2006

Names of God

Another poem in a mixture of Indian languages (primarily Punjabi and Urdu) by my Master's Guru teaches that all names of the Supreme One are equal and meditating on one of them (in the right way) will take you across...

Aum Allah God Waheguru
Allah la makan sab aakde musalman
Hindu aam ram naam jaap karey hari da
Devan ke dev koi avdana na bhed tera
Sanu na ghabar kesa ved path karida
Kalu kal haal aab ho gaya gharab sab
Kagazi hasaab karey feer nahin tarida
Agey vi ..... Singha tarey beyshumaar
Ek araj gujarey tey na jamm kolon derida

Rough translation is:

Aum Allah God Waheguru
All Muslims take the name of Allah
Hindus take the name of Ram
He is the Dev (Lord) of all the Devtas (deities like Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma)
There is no difference between His different names
I don't know how these people (who fight over the different names of God)
Read the Vedas and other scriptures
(since they do not understand the essence of these scriptures)
In this Kalyug (the current era)
The situation is bad now
Everyone is just following the rituals
But have forgotten the essence of the teachings
Before also the stars were countless
Just say one of His (countless) names and then
You don't need to be afraid of the yamas (Messengers of death)

You can hear this poem by clicking here. (Note: broadband connection may be required as the file size is about 10MB).

Monday, May 08, 2006

Aum Waheguru - my favorite Name of God

In the following poem, my Master's Guru wrote in Punjabi that even though the Supreme Lord has infinite names (like Aum, Waheguru, God, Allah, Khuda, Aum Waheguru, Almighty, Lord, etc.) and all of them are equal, still He loves the "Aum Waheguru" name the best. Why? Read on - if you know the Punjabi language, read the poem below; otherwise read the loose English translation below. Note that the poetic effect is lost in the English translation...

(Purposefully, I have blanked out His name below...)

Ek Aum Satguru Prasad
Saar Updesh Kirath Shri Maan Ek So Aath Swami ..... Singh Ji Maharaj

Ath Mangal Kavit

Aum ki naam hein anek sab ek sam
To bhi mum aur Aum Waheguru mane hein
Mane hein preet sein jo Guroo nein batayein reet
Reese sein na shees dhari ved jo bhakane hein
Bhakane hein jo neet hum neyeni dekh mane cheet
Gunge gur khayan kahoon swad ki bataney hein
Bataney hein jo binti ko Aum bhagwan paas
Daas kaj ras ko janayein bena janey hein

The Supreme Lord has infinite names - all of them being equal (God, Almighty, Lord, Aum, Om, Waheguru, Allah, Khuda, Ishwar, Brahm, Aum Waheguru, Akal Purakh, etc.)

Still my heart loves the "Aum Waheguru" name the most

I have done this with lots of faith (Preeti)

Since this has been given to me by my True Guru

Vedas say that never do anything because
somebody else is doing so (following the crowd)
(So I haven't done this because anybody has done this,
I have done it from my heart)

I say His name daily - having seen Him with own eyes

A Dumb person eats sweets but how can he tell how good the taste is to everyone else
(hidden meaning here...)

Who the Supreme Lord wants to know
Only that person will know...

Below is an audio recording of this poem in Punjabi:

this is an audio post - click to play

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Magh Mela Prayag Photos

Some photos from the Magh Mela held in Prayagraj (Allahabad), India during the January-February timeframe this year (2006).

Aum Waheguru (Om Waheguru)...

Three main deities - functions

The Supreme One, known in the world by infinite names, common ones being God, Almighty, Lord, Aum, Waheguru, Aum Waheguru, Khuda, Allah gave the following main functions to the top-most three deities:

Vishnu ji - the number one deity in the cosmos, gets instructions directly from the Supreme One, is responsible for looking after and caring for all the Lord's creation. Provides food to every creature, even to the most sinful one. Is associated with the Satva gun.

Shiva ji- the number two deity in the cosmos; the deity of destruction. Is associated with fakiri vihangum - taking care of saints and similar souls. Is associated with Tamo gun.

Brahma ji - is responsible for creation. Is also known as Dharam Raj since presides over Dharampuri (called the Court of Justice in this blog) where all the creatures are taken after their death. Associated with Rajo gun.

Note again that the Supreme One is not to confused with Vishnu ji or the other two deities. The three main deities are known by other names in other cultures and langauages.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Don't follow the crowd

Don't be afraid to do something to gain spiritually because somebody may laugh at you. Since if you are afraid and stop, one day might come when you may be crying and the same people who laughed at you will not be there to help you.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Criticizing others

In today's world, it is very easy to criticize and say bad things about others. My Master has taught us from beginning to stay away from this practice. While everybody will appreciate that this is a no-brainer, there is another hidden reason behind this.

Criticizing an Enlightened soul has an immediate and profound negative impact on one's future. In the current era (of Kalyug), most of the Enlightened souls and Realized Masters are hidden. The person standing next to you, who might appear to be a very ordinary person, might be one of them. Since it is very difficult to tell who is one of these great souls, it is very important not to belittle anyone or say or think bad things about anybody...

Monday, May 01, 2006

Fear of the Unknown

A true Spiritual Seeker is not afraid.

A sincere seeker has faith in God. Those who don't have faith are afraid.

To become a genuine seeker, one needs lots of courage since one surrenders to the Supreme One for an end result that the seeker hasn't seen.

Surrendering to the One who the seeker has never seen.

To believe in the existence of the One who the seeker has never seen.

And to start in the search of the One who the seeker has never seen...

Unbounded faith and surrender in the Supreme One are very important...

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I have changed the service that used to send email updates regarding new postings on this blog to the people who subscribed to this service. The old service Bloglet has been removed and replaced with a new one - Feedblitz. Those of you who had subscribed using Bloglet will continue to receive emails through Feedblitz now. If you do not want this, please let me know. Apologize for any inconvenience this may cause anyone. Bloglet service wasn't performing optimally.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Seven Stages

All sincere spiritual seekers pass through seven stages... from seeking to enlightenment. The first stage is wishing (desiring) and searching with a true heart a way to the Lord. The last stage is attaining enlightenment and merging back with Him.

It can take several lifetimes to cross these stages, especially the later ones... varying from one seeker to the next... there is nothing such as instant enlightenment...

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Fast Chanting

Many of us are conversant with chanting. Fast Chanting has lots of benefits.

Fast Chanting of the Guru Mantra (one of the names of the Supreme One like Aum, Waheguru, etc. given by the True Master during initiation) has the following three main benefits:

- The monkey mind will not travel anywhere as it will not have time to think.

- More amount of meditation (chanting of more Guru Mantra) is possible in a shorter period of time, thus increasing the quality of the meditation.

- Vibrations of the chanting continue inside for sometime (depending upon how long the chanting was done) even after it is ended.

Compassion and miracles

While I have seen many examples of MR's compassion before, this one will be hard to forget. During my current visit to India to meet Him, I had the blessing to travel with Him in the same car on the way to the train station. We started late. The scheduled time of departure of the train was 4:30 PM and normally it takes about an hour to reach it from the place we started from. We started later than 3:30 PM.

On the way, my Master observed a bunch of people with one of them carrying a cage with parrots inside (this is India...). He asked the brother driving the car to stop the car and purchase the parrots from the person. The brother stopped the car and approached the person. The brother soon found that these people were carrying three other cages with more parrots trapped in them. MR asked to purchase all of them. After some bargaining (India!), cajoling and hard talk, the brother convinced these people to sell all the parrots. He also pointed out to these people on the Master's request that this activity was illegal and that they shouldn't do this in the future.

Subsequently, the brother asked MR what to do with these parrots. My Master asked him to free all of them immediately! The brother did so.

After this incident, which consumed about 15 minutes of our valuable time, we proceeded to the train station. On the way, MR briefly taught us about the value of compassion for living creatures. The main point was that, if possible, we should do similar to what was done in this incident. We cannot change the whole world but can do our little bit whenever and wherever possible and not worry about the rest.

In the end, we boarded the train right before it departed, exactly at 4:30 PM.

I was blessed (though not surprised) to observe the live example of compassion and still not missing the train. To me, it was practically impossible to spend 15 minutes on the way after starting late and still not missing the train. But if you are with MR, such things happen all the time.

Certain people talk about small miracles. With MR, miracles happen all the time but He behaves as if nothing happened...

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Leaving for my real home

Leaving for my real home very soon if He wills...

If so, this blog might not be updated (regularly)... till May or whenever He wills...

Till then, you can read the archives again if you wish...

Hopefully, the postings have been useful to some readers. Please forgive any mistakes...

Falling down again and again

The kid did mischief as usual and was falling upside down from the sofa. He cried for help and indicated he won't repeat the mischief again. The seeker heard the cries for help and brought the kid up. The kid couldn't control himself; mischief showed in his eyes again and he repeated the same stuff. The seeker took pity on him and helped him again. Third time the kid repeated the same mischief. What did the seeker do this time?

Does the above sound familiar to you with respect to your life?

Thursday, March 09, 2006

A dream

The seeker had a dream yesterday night.

A dream in which a dear one's time had come.

The yamdoots were there to take his dear one away.

The seeker saw them come.

The seeker saw them take his dear one away.

The seeker tried to chase them; to stop them.

The seeker failed miserably. The seeker couldn't do anything.

The seeker stood helpless while his dear one was taken away.

His heart felt a pain he had never felt before.

The seeker woke up immediately... couldn't bear the dream.

The seeker still trembles at the thought of what occurred in the dream.

The seeker knows this day is inevitable for his dear one and himself unless...

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Letting go

Complete surrender to the will of the Lord is indeed very difficult. It is much easier to write than to practice. When this monkey mind doesn't like something, it is very difficult to make it understand. Letting go is indeed not easy.

Oh Lord! I want to let go... I am trying my best... to surrender to Thee... you know very well what is on my mind... if it's not in Your will... that's fine (I will try to accept it happily) ... if it's in Your will that's even better...

Protect us, protect us, protect us
We surrender ourselves to Thee!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Your Child is older than you!

The kid said "I am 80 years old today." The seeker replied smiling, "Well, then you are older than me!"

Imagine if in your dreams, your child, who is tens of years younger than you, would tell you about the things that happened in your life the way they happened exactly - the things that happened even before the child was born (without anybody having told the child about these things)!

Now, imagine if this wasn't your dream, but it was for real. Your child actually did tell you about these things. Now, also imagine if the child also told you about your previous lifetimes which you yourself don't remember!

How would you feel if you had such a child?

Someone had such a great gift not long time back... in the nineteenth century...

Such a child would indeed be older than you, not physically in worldly terms... but in the real terms...

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Brake fail

When seeker was younger, he used to ride a motorcycle. Once the seeker was returning from ... after meditating for some time, the motorcycle's brake failed just when the traffic signal a few yards in front turned red. The seeker, being young and aggressive, used to drive fast those days. What do you think happened?

Gurusahib, Guru Gobind Singh ji (known in the world as the Tenth Sikh Guru) once stood outside a brothel taking the form of a big strong bodyguard of a king, to prevent His wayward disciple from entering the brothel out of fear. The extent to which the True Masters go to protect Their students...

Are we worthy of Them? Why do we let our brake's fail?

Wednesday, March 01, 2006


The seeker has been taught from young age not only to not eat non-vegetarian food but also really not like it from the heart or think about it. This value has been imbibed in the seeker's subconscious. Even if the seeker is unconscious, and somebody forcefully try's to put such food in his mouth, the body should repel this food and not take it inside.

The same applies to other values. They should be embedded in the subconscious and not have to force upon the mind. The acceptance of these values should come from the heart, not from the intellect.

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Rate of metabolism and desires

Was talking to a colleague this morning about diet. He's older than me. He mentioned now that he is getting old, the metabolism rate of his body is decreasing fast and henceforth, he needs to start eating less than he used to if he wants his weight to remain constant. Later on in the day, after lunch and dinner, I realized too that my metabolism rate has declined dramatically over the years. I can eat only half as much as I could about 10-15 years back and then also I feel that I over eat many times. Age is catching up fast.

It is really dawning upon me now (seeing myself and others) that age doesn't spare anybody, irrespective of how healthy they might appear to be or much exercise they do. No amount of cosmetics, surgery, exercise and diet control can fully hide the stuff inside the body. Everybody knows this from inside. Still the rate of desires, lust, greed, anger and attachment never decreases. On the other hand, it increases for many of us with age. How ironical!

Monday, February 27, 2006

This precious human life

The deities (devis and devtas) yearn for human life as their meditation is not accepted.

We humans waste our entire precious lives on useless stuff and then regret it when it's too late...

Thursday, February 23, 2006

A long interview

Have you ever gone to an interview for a job? The seeker has gone to several ones. When you go for an interview, they watch your each and every move, right from the moment you enter till the moment you leave the interview room. They watch how you talk, how you present yourself, how you walk, how you sit, etc. Nowadays, they even watch you when you waiting outside at the reception without you knowing it. They don't ask straight questions these days. Rather they present you with "situations" and judge you on the basis of how you handle them. Also, these days, the interviews can be very long, whole day affairs especially here in the States. By the time you come out of the interview, you are very tired. Then, the next interview starts when you return home. The near and dear ones ask how the first interview went, whether you will get the job, how much compensation they will offer, when will they inform you, etc. Depending upon how the first interview went, this second interview can be tougher to face.

There's another interview that we all have been taking that is even longer. The interview with the clerks of the Chitragupts (officers in the Court of Justice). Every lifetime, we have been taking this interview, right from the moment we enter this world till the time we exit it. Our every move is watched without us knowing it. They watch whatever we do and even know whatever we think. You cannot have a moment of privacy in this interview. The promises you made at the reception (in the mother's womb) before being "born" in worldly terms are also noted. They don't ask you questions. Rather they present you with "situations" and judge you on the basis of how you handle them. By the time you finish this interview, you are very tired. But then it's time for another interview, the one that can be even tougher, depending upon how this interview went. The one in which you face the clerks directly.

The seeker has prepared for many interviews and has been successful in many of them. But how is the seeker performing in the current "real" interview and is he prepared for the next "real" one that could be tougher than the current one?

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Moon inside my body

It's so clear here...

"The moon shines in my body
But my blind eyes cannot see it"

"When all love of the I and the Mine is dead
Then the work of the Lord is done"

- Sant Kabir Ji

The Last Flight

The seeker might be flying soon...

Here's to this flying... a poem by Sant Kabir ji... the seeker has somehow always been influenced a lot by the Sufi Bhakt sants from young age... something from the past lifetimes as taught by the MR... the truth in very simple plain mixture of Indian languages ...

Ud Jayega Huns Akela
Jug Darshan Ka Mela
Jaise Paat Gire Taruvar Se
Milna Bahut Duhela
Naa Jane Kidhar Girega
Lagey Pawan Ka Rela
Jab Hoey Umar Puri
Jum Ke Doot Bade Mazboot
Jum Se Pada Jhamela
Das Kabir Har Ke Gun Gawey
Wah Har Ko Paran Pawe
Guru Ki Karni Guru Jayega
Chele Ki Karni Chela

The swan will fly away alone
Spectacle of this (illusionary) world will be just a fair
Just as a leaf falls from the tree
To merge into Him is very difficult
Who knows where can fall
When a gust of wind strikes
When the life span is complete
The messengers of Yama are very strong
It's a very difficult entanglement with the Yama
Servant Kabir sings the virtues of the Lord
He will find the Lord soon
The Guru will bear results according to his deeds
The student will bear results according to his deeds


Have you noticed how many times we "want" something everyday?

If you like, do this exercise one day...

Count the number of times in a day that your mind "wants" something, somebody - basically anything that you don't have at that moment.

You will be surprised at the results.

Can we pass one day - just one day - without "wanting" anything?

We have been "wanting" for ages now... it's time to reduce the "wanting" and increase the acceptance of whatever He gives Himself without asking...

Try it and you will be much happier... I "want" to try too...

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

North direction

Seeker loves the North direction. God's permanent abode (Sachkhand) is in the north direction...

Monday, February 20, 2006

Real Responsibilty

What is "real" responsibility?

Is it "jumping through the hoops" of corporate life just like everybody else?

Is it raising a family, providing them good education, food, housing and the usual comforts?

Is it taking care of the parents?

Seeker thinks real responsibility is different from the above. Being really responsible is to keep the promise made to the Lord while in the mother's womb when the soul is crying to get out of the hell it has to endure. The promise, that "this time Lord, I definitely will not forget you for a moment". If the seeker wants to be really responsible, he needs to keep this promise, otherwise...

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Different names of the Supreme One

This post can be easily misunderstood... be warned... again, it's not for everyone...

Some call Him Allah.

Some call Him God.

Some call Him Aum (Om).

Some call Him Waheguru.

Others call Him Khuda.

We call Him Aum Waheguru.

The Infinite has infinite names. All of His names are equal. People fight over these names... It seems very ironical at first glance but we learnt that this is His will... that's the way He plays this game in the era of Kalyug especially. It's only going to get worse from what can be seen in the world today... It's best to accept His will without question... without getting involved (at all) in this fighting... as indicated elsewhere in this blog, hurting or similar stuff inflicted on others in the name of religion is one of the worst sins; the punishment reserved for which is very severe... True ones will see Him in all and all in Him...

24 hours

24 hours in a day.

8 hours spent sleeping.

1 hour spent getting ready.

8 hours spent working.

1 hour spent while commuting.

1 hour spent on eating.

1 hour spent exercising.

2 hours spent with family.

How much time left? 2 hours.

2 hours out of 24 hours - less than 10%. What do you do in this time?

Friday, February 17, 2006

This illusionary world

The one who doesn't have a job
Wants a job
The one who has a job
Doesn't like it

The one who is not married
Wants a caring spouse
The one who is married
Wants a separated life

The one who doesn't have children
Wants to have them
The one who has children
Wants to run away from them

The one who is poor
Wants to be rich
The one who has the money
Is always in tension

Everything in this illusionary world of His
Seems very nice from a distance
When one gets it
Then one realizes there's nothing to it

Oh Lord! Give us the strength to get past this illusionary world created by Yourself. Let us be appreciative and satisfied with whatever You gave us. Let us not be attracted by the illusions You installed in this world, rather see beyond them. Help us realize the Truth and not waste our time in these illusions.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I want to be pure
As pure as the snow is white
I want to remove this dirt
So that the light can come out
Of this heart of mine

I want to set aside
The expectations and thoughts
From within me
So that I can concentrate
On the One thing that
Is of most importance to me

I want to remove this
Anger and lust from within me
So that I don't have
To bow to them ever again
I want to remember only You
O Lord!
Since I yearn only for Thee


Not everybody might like this post... be warned... and please don't take it otherwise if you read it...

Everybody (except True Masters) in this world, myself first, is selfish. Why? Because for everything we do, we associate the word "I" with it. If we make a friend, it's because "I like this person". If we marry someone, it's because "I love this person". If we give something to the poor, it's because "I feel good giving...". You will notice the "I" word in every action we take. If you seriously think about it and take out the "I" word from anything you do, you will notice that most probably there will be no motivation left to complete that action.

So, everybody is selfish, the degree of selfishness might vary, but the self is always there until one finally reaches a state where there is no self, only Him...

So, until then practice to Kill The "Self"...

Monday, February 13, 2006

What's the difference?

Seeker wonders what's the difference between the kid and himself. The kid asks to "play just one game"; one game becomes two games; two games become four and so on... it never ends... "the last game" never comes... the kid never seems to be satisfied. He always seems to want to play more...

Seeker's mind also works the same way. Just that the games and toys it wants to play are bigger... The lust for the bigger games and toys never ends... the last one never comes... it never seems to be satisfied, no matter how big the toys and games become... it always seems to want more...

So, other than the physical age difference and the bigger wants, what's the difference between the kid and the seeker? The seeker still remains a kid from inside his mind... when will he finally mature?

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Hide and Seek

Yesterday the kid asked to play "hide and seek". He said "You hide and I shall seek". After he got bored with seeking, he said "Now you seek and I shall hide". So, the seeker went about seeking... The seeker searched and searched till he found the kid...

In the beginning, a short time after the creation of the cosmos, God declared something similar to the second quote above. Before then, He was visible to everybody. Since then, He is still there, will always be there, but will become visible only to those who truly love Him without desire for anything in return for a certain period of time that is not easily defined.

So, on with the (truthful) seeking... One day you shall find Him. How long can He hide from you?

Oh Lord!
You have been
Hiding from me
For ages now
I have been
Seeking you
For more lifetimes
Than I can remember

It's time for You
To reveal Yourself
Because if You don't
I am still going
To find You
And when I do
I am not going
To leave You

When I find You
This time O Lord!
I am not going
To let You
Separate from me
Like the last time
I am not going
To be a pawn
In all the games
You play any more

I will be in You
And You in me
That's when
We will end
This game of
Hide and Seek

Pure white

It snowed here all last night. Everywhere you look, it seems white. Some people are complaining, others are happy to finally see it arrive.

For me, I am amazed at yet another one of His wonders. White all around seems so pure, so nice. Reminds me of Sachkhand (also known as the Pratham Khand, Param Dham and other names in other languages and cultures), the permanent abode of God, where the earth is pure white under the grass...

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Spur of the moment

Oh these desires!
You bury them
Deep inside the earth
Out they come
In the spur
Of a moment

You spend
A lot of years
Trying to get
To satisfy them
Or to forget them
Out they come
In the spur
Of a moment

They remain deep
Inside the subconscious
Waiting for the
Perfect opportunity
To catch you
Off guard

You think that
You have them
Well under control
They prove you wrong
Out they come
In the spur
Of a moment

Have to remind
The monkey mind
Again and again
To practice dispassion
For what's the use
If these desires
Are satisfied
They are temporary
They will never bring you
Permanent Happiness

Friday, February 10, 2006

This monkey mind

A dear friend of mine calls this mind as a monkey. Why? Only a person who has really done meditation will know the reason why. When this body sits for meditation, then this monkey mind starts hopping around far and near. The body might be sitting in America pretending to do meditation, but this monkey mind might be in Australia, Canada, India or Italy. The body might be at home, but this monkey might be in the office, theater or stadium. The monkey will start to remember the incidents of the current or the previous day or week; it will do anything but concentrate on the thing the body sat for.

This monkey mind of mine is difficult to control... It needs to be reminded again and again... But a day shall come when it will not forget... the day when it shall be the slave and...

Thursday, February 09, 2006

7 days left?

What would you do if it were told (correctly) to you that you had only 7 days left before you depart the current physical body?

Would you:
- Spend these days trying to "enjoy" the material comforts and pleasures as much as possible?
- Try to spend these days with your family and so-called near dear ones?
- Try to spend this time preparing for what happens to you after you depart the physical body?

Think about it.

Now, if you know the answer, then think about the fact that you or I or most of us don't know when we could die. It could be the very next instant, in a few days, months or years. Given that we don't know when the end time would come, why don't we try spending most of our time on the thing that is most important to us out of the above three, keeping all other things secondary?

Monday, February 06, 2006

The lotus of my heart

A dear one of His
Sent me a lotus today
I am not sure
If I am worthy
Enough to have it

The lotus of my heart
Is still upside down
Carrying the weight
Of all the sins
I committed over the years

The dirt on my heart
The darkness of my sins
Makes my lotus wither
I wait for the day
When it will flower

I yearn for the day
When the light will
Come out of this
Lotus of mine
Dispelling the age-old
Darkness from this
Heart of mine

Sunday, February 05, 2006

The treasure that can't be looted

A few months ago
The house in which seeker
Used to live got ransacked
The prime target being
The room in which seeker
Grew up learning
The true meaning of life

They informed the seeker
Your room got despoiled
Your treasures were looted
We are very upset
We are very shocked
How do you feel

Seeker kept quiet
No emotions to show at all
Seeker thought what treasures
Could the thieves have taken
For the real treasure
Is inside his heart

A treasure nobody can steal
A treasure nobody can destroy
A treasure that once sown
Remains forever
They can kill the body
That carries this treasure
But they can't still take
Away this secret treasure

The rest of the stuff
Was useless anyway
If not today it would have
Been destroyed tomorrow
The stuff we waste all the
Precious time of our lives on
What's the use when
It doesn't take long
For it to be gone?

A side note - for those of us who don't have a good state of equanimity and are nowhere near enlightened, a house should be one in which the thief comes, enjoys, sits for some time and then goes away without the owner having to worry what "stuff" the thief took with him. It should be one which we don't have to worry about when we are far away from it physically. How many of us, myself first, have such a house?


True faith and total surrender in the True Guru is very important.

Gurusahab Guru Arjan Dev Maharaj (known in the world as the fifth Sikh Guru), said:

Jin Gur sayviaa tis bhao na biaapai

One who has truly served the True Guru is not afflicted with fear ("true" being very important).

Shri Krishna said to Arjun in Gita:

Setting aside all dharmas, seek refuge in Me alone.
I SHALL RELEASE You of all sins-

Do you see the correlation between the two quotes above? Two Enlightened Masters saying the same thing in different ways, different languages, at different times (one in the Kalyug and the other in the Dwapar era)...

The above quotes make me think a lot...

Friday, February 03, 2006


Since I opened up to the outside world, I get asked questions like "what are your beliefs", "why do you believe in God", "which God do you believe in", etc.

I usually try to keep quiet or smile and politely change the topic. However, if I do meet a really genuine person, I usually try to clarify beforehand that I don't believe in anything. If I use the word "believe", there is an element of doubt there. So, I am writing again, I will not use the phrase "I believe".

The above is not to be misinterpreted. What I mean is:

What is, is what it is. My or yours or somebody else's believing or not believing will not change the Truth.

So, to answer the questions above:
- I don't have any beliefs.
- There is One Supreme Being who created everything - my or yours believing or not believing in this will not change this basic Truth.
- This is a very common confusion in the spiritual or religious world today. I worship only the Supreme Being Who is One without the other (Ek Omkar or Ek Ongkar). He is known by different names like God, Aum, Waheguru, Aum Waheguru, Allah, Khuda, Almighty, Lord, Brahm, etc but that doesn't change the fact that He is Only One.

The world fights over these names of God and over religion and kill each other in the name of religion. The people fighting over religion don't realize that killing in the name of religion is one of the worst sins to commit and the punishment reserved for this sin is very severe (cannot write here...). It is true who gets killed had to die anyway; but still why be the excuse to do that? Why not be the excuse to save somebody instead?

Be it a Christian, Jew, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Parsi, Bahai, etc, there is only One God who is to be worshipped - names by which He is known may be different. There may be several deities (devis or devtas - known by other names in other cultures), but they are not God. So, Vishnu, Shiva, Brahma, Kaal, Kali, Durga, Jwala, etc (known by other names in other cultures) are deities and not the same as God. I respect them but worship only the Supreme One...

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Have you?

Some real questions:

- Have you ever heard of a 25 year old young man teaching His 70 year old father (the father being a very learned man) about the real purpose of life and about how the cosmos was created without ever reading a scripture?
- Have you ever heard of someone asking a 25 year old young man about spiritual topics and He not answering in words rather showing the actual stuff wherever it be in this cosmos to dispel the doubts?
- Have you ever heard of or seen a pilgrim spot where more than 7-8 (holy) rivers merge that has more energy in the present Kalyug era than those existing or created in Satyug, Dwapar and Threta eras?
- Have you ever seen a person who can read, write or speak in French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, etc. without ever learning these languages?
- Have you ever heard of or seen a teenage boy do business in such a way that there is always profit generated but still the customer always feels that she got a good deal?
- Have you ever met a student who walked out in the middle of the final exam towards a law degree just because He got a thought that if He completed this exam, He would become a lawyer and there could be potential to lie?
- Have you ever heard of or met some One who could not only read your every thought but also do something about them?

If you have, please let me know also. I will be very indebted to you since I would definitely want to meet such a person or visit such a place that you know. If you haven't, then... (left blank intentionally).

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Only True Love matters

In the highest form of meditation, it doesn't matter:

- What your social status, color of the skin, race, nationality, religion, past life history, caste is or whether you are rich or poor, famous or unknown, big or small, fat or slim, beautiful or ugly, well educated or illiterate, saint or live in a home, bachelor, married, divorced or separated.
- What type of clothes you wear - western or eastern, suit or jeans.
- Whether you know scriptures or not, whether you have ever read them or not.

It is not necessary to:

- Perform any rituals.
- Go to any church, temple or other physical place of worship. ("Mobile temple" is within you - it always goes wherever you go).
- To sit in a particular position or breathe in a particular way to practice. (It can be practiced while eating, standing, walking, running, driving, working, studying and even while talking).
- To move your tongue while repeating the name of God to perform this meditation. (You can be meditating and the person next to you need not even know that you are meditating).
- Perform this meditation at a certain time of the day. (It can be performed at any time during the day or night).
- Take a (cold or hot) shower early in the morning or before starting meditation or to practice yoga.

Only thing that is necessary is:
- Genuine spiritual thirst and True Love of God.

Monday, January 30, 2006

Checking the barometer

I have been trying to check my progress barometer recently. Following are certain measurement techniques I have been using (I won't tell you the results - sorry, they are private):

- When driving on the freeway, if somebody suddenly pulls in front of me in the lane I am driving in without giving any signal, what is my immediate reaction? Do I lose my temper and if so, how long does it take me to remember that I shouldn't be losing it? Do I curse at the person in front of me?

- If somebody says something bad about me in front of me or behind my back and I know that it isn't true, what is my reaction?

- If the weather on the current day is suddenly too cool or hot compared to the weather on the previous days and in general, how do I react to it?

- If the kid doesn't behave well and does something that he shouldn't be doing at all, what is my first reaction?

- If a near one shouts or gets angry at me, do I respond in the same way or in a different way?

- If I go to meet somebody and the person doesn't show up as agreed or turns up late, what is my reaction?

- What kind of thoughts I get in my mind when physically near persons of the opposite sex?

- Do I project the same person outside as I am from inside?

- Do I speak the truth always when I should be speaking it?

- Do I still see other people's faults more than I look at their qualities and do I learn from their qualities irrespective of who the person may be?

- Do I talk rudely to someone and if so, how long before I realize that I shouldn't be doing this unless absolutely necessary?

- How much am I prepared to really do something for some One I say I love?


Sunday, January 29, 2006

As the body grows real old

As the body grows real old
The fear of death grows ten fold
It slowly starts to sink in
That the end is near the door

One starts to reflect back
On the years gone by
What was achieved
By toiling so hard
All these years

The death is staring
The person in the face
Still the greed anger lust
Remain inside the surface

The physical body finally ends
The greed anger lust don't end
They are carried
Onto the next form
To begin yet another cycle
Of toiling reflection and fear

Saturday, January 28, 2006


This mind of mine
Expects a lot
It does nothing
For others
But expects
A lot in return

This mind of mine
Expects a lot
It knows nothing
About wisdom
But wants to
Teach it to others

This mind of mine
Expects a lot
It is very cunning
And selfish
But expects others
To consider it
Candid and Altruistic

The expectations
Keep on building up
Inside this foolish
Mind of mine
Leading to frustration
Anger and heat

When I know
Very well what
These expectations cause
Inside of me
Why don't I expect
Myself to get rid
Of them from within me?


Expectations, expectations, expectations... Most of us have them in our subconscious. When they are not fulfilled, we all know the result very well... Why don't we make an effort not to expect anything in return for something we do, for a change?

Friday, January 27, 2006

Observe the Truth

“OWG” (My full-hearted respect and infinite bows to God and Master)

Temporary truth is based on a person’s perception...

Permanent truth is constant and awaiting your awareness...

What do you allow your mind to observe?


The thoughts above remind me of the following saying from the Enlightened Master, Shri Krishna, about 5000 years back, in the Dwapar era:

"He who sees inaction in action
And action in inaction,
is wise amongst men."

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The days gone by

On the positive side
The days I have been waiting
For what seems like ages
Are not far away
The days I spent most of
My time dreaming about
Are not far away

On the negative side
The day when the days
I have been dreaming about
Finish is also not far away
The day when I will be
Back in the state I am in now
Is Also not far away

What am I to do?
Time comes
Time goes by
Days come
Days go by
Years come
Years go by

Have I changed with time?
I should look inside of me
And check the barometer
How far have I come along
How much I am different from
The days when
I started down this path

Time flies by very fast
It seems only yesterday
When I was a kid
With no worries in the world
Playing with my friends
All the time

Now when I think
Of the years gone by
Do I regret them
Or did I utilize them
Does my gray hair
Carry with it the weight
Of sins and wasted time
Or is it silvered with the
Wisdom and Love of God?


Sunday, January 22, 2006


I want to be happy
A happiness that never ends
I want an end to the sadness
An end to the troubles
So that I have to never
Face them again

I have tried infinite things
I have tried wealth
I have tried sex
I have tried family
I have tried fame
I have tried almost everything
Still I am incomplete
Still I am unhappy

Since I separated from You
O Lord!
I have had more bodies
Than I can count
I have been a slave of
Each one of them
Taking care of their
Wants and desires
Forgetting to feed the
Real me inside all of them

Sometimes I became
An atheist
Other times I was
A theist
In the form of a
Hindu, Christian, Muslim,
Sikh, Jew, Parsi, Buddhist or Jain
Always remained busy in
Practicing the rituals of religion
Thinking them to be
The source of happiness
But I still remained incomplete
I still remained unhappy

I forgot the real religion
That You had taught me
The real religion of
Worshipping You O Lord!
The real religion of liberation
From the cycle of
Birth and death
The end result of which
Is merging back into You
O Lord!
The source of unending
True happiness and blessedness

In the whole world, every person wants to be happy; everybody wants a happiness that never ends. Every person also wants an end to the sadness and troubled times in such a way that they never have to be experienced again. Still, in spite of trying out infinite ways, something or the other remains to be sought after and the person remains incomplete and unhappy.

Since the soul separated from the Supreme One, from then on, it has dwelled inside innumerable bodies and has been a slave of each one of them. Sometimes atheist, sometimes theist in the form of Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Jewish, Parsi, etc keeping oneself occupied in the unimportant rituals of the religions, thinking of them to be the source of happiness, but still remains incomplete and unhappy.

In reality, the only true religion of a human being is to worship the Absolute, get liberated from this cycle of birth and death and to merge back into Him from whom the soul got separated. If only one were to realize this...

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Forget You - never!

Maybe someday I will be like this...

If you say
It is night
Then it will be
Night for me

If you say
It is day
Then it will be
Day for me

If you say
Leave home
Become a saint
I will do so

If you say
Go back home
And start a family
I will do so

If you say
Leave your job
And start mine
I will do so

If you say
Come back near Me
And live with Me
I will do so

If you say
Go away
And never come back
I will do so

If you say
Eat meat
I ask you to eat
I will do so

If you say
Don't go to your
Near One's funeral
I won't go

If you say
Take care of your
Ailing parents
I will do so

If you say
You are a fool
I will think
I am a fool

If you say
You do this
I ask you to do it
I will do it

If you ask me
Give up my life
Jump off a cliff
I will do it

Since I came near You
I gave up my mind
Now everything You say
Is what I do

Still if you ask me
To forget You
As if I never knew You
That is something
I can't do

In my next lifetime

O my dear Lord!
In my next lifetime
Keep me near You always
From deep inside my heart

It doesn't matter
Whether You make me
White or Black
Brown or Yellow

It doesn't matter
Whether You make me
A man or a woman
Big in size or small

It doesn't matter
Whether You make me
Rich or poor
Famous or unknown

It doesn't matter
Whether I am born in
America or Asia
Europe or Australia

It doesn't matter
Whether I am born
A Hindu or a Muslim
A Sikh or a Christian

It doesn't matter
If I have to conform outwardly
To the norms of the above
Variations of Your illusion

All that matters to me
Is that I always remember You
Never have any doubts
My faith in You
Remains boundless
And You remain in my heart
Always from deep inside of me

Friday, January 20, 2006

Promises and commitments

I am always very hesitant to commit to something or to promise somebody. The first thought that comes to my mind in such circumstances is whether I will be able to keep the promise or the commitment. What, if due to whatever reason, I can't keep it? I don't want to be caught in the Court after death and having to pay back for those broken promises and commitments. They don't spare anybody; why will they spare an unworthy and sinful person like me?

I remember the following incident many times when I think about making promises:

A man promised his (Realized) Master that he will bring some cloth and stuff back for him from his home. He went off to his home and as fate would have it, the time to leave his physical body came before he could return back with the cloth to his Master. He was caught in the Court of Justice (Brahmpuri or Dharampuri) for this broken promise - even though it was his honest intention to fulfill his promise but couldn't because he died before it! He was spared only because of his Realized Master who came to the Court to rescue him. The Realized Master asked Brahma ji or Dharamraj ji (the devta or deity who presides over the Court of Justice):

"Sadey sikh ko kyoon pakara hein?"

"Why did you catch my sikh (true disciple of the Guru)?"

Brahma ji replied with fear "he didn't return with the stuff he promised You".

The Realized Master sent the disciple to Sachkhand (permanent abode of God or the place where the soul goes after enlightenment) and Brahma ji couldn't do anything.

But the fact is that how many of us have such a Master who is capable of protecting us during our time of reckoning (irrespective of the number of times He denies it) and for those very very few extremely lucky ones amongst us who have such a Master, how many of us are worthy of being protected by Him? Why don't we take care that we don't break promises while we are here ourselves...

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

More frank questions

Who do you think of first thing in the morning when you wake up?

Who do you think of last thing before sleeping in the night?

Who comes in your dreams frequently while sleeping at night?

When you win a reward, get a bonus, or get something unexpectedly that appeals to the mind, who do you think of first?

Who do you normally think of the most?

Who do you get sad over most?

Who do you cry over most?


Think about it...

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Another round of tears

This mind of mine
Wants to cry again
I can't control it again
I am lost again in the flood
Of tears coming from inside
My drain

I like to be in this state
Once in a while
As it makes me stop
And think about everything
That I am doing

It makes me question
Every action I take
What's the end result of it
What will be the use of it
Whether it will make me
Move forward on the Path
I choose or make me go
Back to where I was
Before I started

Nobody can understand
What goes on inside me
The sadness that just
Envelopes my soul
The thoughts that
Emanate from within

I can't even write them here
As some of them are too
Private to tell anybody but Him
So off I go to talk to Him
And empty this ocean of tears in Him
He is the only One
Whom I can really confide in

You and me

O Lord!
If you want to send
Somebody in my life
Please make sure that
This person brings me
Nearer to You than before

Otherwise please don't send
Anybody new
As I don't want to go
Further away from You
I don't want anybody to come
In between You and me

O Lord!
If you want to send
Something new to me
Please make sure that
This thing brings me
Nearer to You than before

Otherwise I don't want it
You can give to somebody else
Who desires this more than me
I don't want anything to
Come in between You and me

O Lord!
If you want to send
Me somewhere
Send me to a place
Where I am nearer to You
From inside my heart

Otherwise I don't want
To go anywhere
Where I can't remember You
I don't want to goto any place
That takes me away from You

O Lord!
If you want to give me happiness
Please make sure that
With it You send me some sadness
To test my state of equanimity

Otherwise I don't want only joy
As it might make me
Forget You
I don't want any state to come
In between You and me

Monday, January 16, 2006

Enemy of lust

Save me O Lord
From this enemy of lust
When it comes inside me
It takes full control of me
It clouds my mind
It blinds my eyes
I lose myself for
The time it enters me

It brings with it
A few moments of
So-called pleasure
And then it leaves me
Regretting for a long time
About another time I let
Myself become it's slave

I need your Help
Once again O Lord!
You need to give me
Strength to fight it off
With success
You need to breed in me
Such self-control
That it doesn't effect
Me anymore

Help me burn
My desire for it
As once it goes up in smoke
My mind will clear
My eyes will open
And I will see You
I will realize that
You were near me
All the time
Just that I was blinded
By my desires
I couldn't see you

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Kill the "Self"

Peer Bhudu Shah asked the Guru Sahab, Guru Gobind Singh Ji (known in the world as the tenth Sikh Guru):

"Khuda aur bande ka male kaisen hoon?"

How can a human merge into God (known by infinite names in the world, common ones being Aum, Waheguru, Khuda, Allah, God, Almighty, Akal Purakh)?

Guru Gobind Singh Ji replied with a very short sentence politely:
"Peer Sahab, houn mua Khuda hua"

Peer Sahab (Sahab for respect), kill the ego (self) and you will merge in Him.

This life is beautiful

“OWG” (My full-hearted respect and infinite bows to God and Master)

This life is beautiful
This life is a perfect opportunity
This life is valuable
This life is a priceless gift
This life is phenomenal
This life is worth living several times
This life is extraordinary
This life is interesting
This life is motivating
This life is vibrant
This life is cherishable
This life is a treasure
This life is overflowing with delight
This life is precious
This life is exquisite
This life is sophisticated
This life is ambrosial
This life is preferential
This life is celestial
This life is adorable
This life is marvelous
This life is pure

If and only if ...

Thursday, January 12, 2006

When will I mature?

I may have started
Looking old from outside
But from inside
I am still a child
My physical body
May have seem to have matured
But from inside my mind
Is still that of a child

When I was a small kid
I wanted toys all the time
Not this one
I want that one
I used to cry

Then I grew up little bit
Became a bigger kid
I wanted bigger toys
Not the small toys from before
When I grew up more
I wanted toys with buttons
Toys with motors and guns

A day came when I entered
The age of youth
The physical body blossomed
Other desires replaced
The ones for motorcars and guns

One day someone said that kid
Is taking your toys
Won't you stop him
No I won't I said
Let him take
All that he wants
Now I have realized
One should not cry over toys

Really is that true?
Something inside me asked

Now the mind has developed
The desire for some other
Kinds of toys
I spend my entire time
Trying to get hold of them

I am spending my entire life
Trying to be happy
Seeing my big house
My beautiful car
My lovely family

I don't realize that the time
Is not far when
These will be taken away from me
And then I will be crying again
Like I used to when I was a small kid

I am still a child
For I still cry for my toys
Only the type of toys has changed
My desire for them has not changed

Something inside me asks me this again
When will I finally mature
And not remain a child
Any more from inside?

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Prasad photos

Below are three photos giving examples of prasad that will be distributed by Aum Waheguru Rishi Ashram sadhaks in Allahabad, India this Magh Mela starting Jan 14th to sants and fakkarhs. All such prasads and other stuff distributed is always purchased using the "pure" contributions of the sadhaks themselves (no donations from outside) and are procured, processed and distributed by the sadhaks themselves under the guidance of .....