Sunday, February 12, 2006

Hide and Seek

Yesterday the kid asked to play "hide and seek". He said "You hide and I shall seek". After he got bored with seeking, he said "Now you seek and I shall hide". So, the seeker went about seeking... The seeker searched and searched till he found the kid...

In the beginning, a short time after the creation of the cosmos, God declared something similar to the second quote above. Before then, He was visible to everybody. Since then, He is still there, will always be there, but will become visible only to those who truly love Him without desire for anything in return for a certain period of time that is not easily defined.

So, on with the (truthful) seeking... One day you shall find Him. How long can He hide from you?

Oh Lord!
You have been
Hiding from me
For ages now
I have been
Seeking you
For more lifetimes
Than I can remember

It's time for You
To reveal Yourself
Because if You don't
I am still going
To find You
And when I do
I am not going
To leave You

When I find You
This time O Lord!
I am not going
To let You
Separate from me
Like the last time
I am not going
To be a pawn
In all the games
You play any more

I will be in You
And You in me
That's when
We will end
This game of
Hide and Seek


Blogger g said...

Well, of course, how could you ~not~ be seeking when it is in your blood? And in the very name of your blog.

I never liked hide and seek as a child. I might find a good spot and wait their forever. Until dark. What fun is that?

I AM interested in how I and others feel (sometimes) like we are separate. Alone. Lost.

How does that happen?

2/12/2006 8:35 PM  
Blogger Truth Seeker said...

G, I may not have understood your question properly, so let me know if thats' the case. That said, I'll attempt to answer as best as I can.

"Some" of us feel "lost" when the right time comes... this is the time we start seeking for the true light... we ask questions like "what is the purpose of this life?"... "I just can't be doing blindly what everybody else is doing...".

Out of those seeking answers to the above, some lucky ones do get the answers faster... the time comes varies from person to person... it depends on lot of things like the intensity of thirst, luck, purity of soul, etc...

All of us have a soul inside this physical body without which the body is considered "dead". This soul was separated from the Supreme One when He started this game... For some of us, the time has come to start yearning to merge back in Him from whom we have been separated for so long...

This process repeats almost every lifetime for such individuals until the time comes for liberation...

2/12/2006 10:13 PM  
Blogger g said...

Your answer did decribe a process that I recognize. That one, feeling the pain of being separate, begins to seek.

But my question really relates to a later time.

When, having been the seeker, and having seen that there is nothing to seek, one feels that union,

and then loses it. Finds it. Then loses it. Finds It.

And so on.

2/14/2006 8:07 PM  
Blogger Truth Seeker said...

G, I think I do not fully understand what you mean... sorry, I don't know much (actually nothing) and therefore, sometimes it takes me time to understand...

You should have faith in Him... I realize it very difficult on a constant basis with all the stuff happening in our daily lives... we should try taking the adverse happenings as "test" while the good happenings as "gifts" from Him...

To get to the ultimate union with Him... it can take upto several tens of lifetimes... yes, it does seem a lot... but when you start to experience the bliss remembering Him, these number of lifetimes would not seem too much...

Finding and losing happens all because of our past deeds... many a times when some past bad deed kicks in, we tend to lose faith and if we lose faith, we are led to think that we "lost" it... it's the way He plays this game...

That's why seeker says sarcastically that he wants Him to end this game for the seeker...

Don't know if I made any sense...

2/15/2006 7:54 AM  

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