Friday, February 17, 2006

This illusionary world

The one who doesn't have a job
Wants a job
The one who has a job
Doesn't like it

The one who is not married
Wants a caring spouse
The one who is married
Wants a separated life

The one who doesn't have children
Wants to have them
The one who has children
Wants to run away from them

The one who is poor
Wants to be rich
The one who has the money
Is always in tension

Everything in this illusionary world of His
Seems very nice from a distance
When one gets it
Then one realizes there's nothing to it

Oh Lord! Give us the strength to get past this illusionary world created by Yourself. Let us be appreciative and satisfied with whatever You gave us. Let us not be attracted by the illusions You installed in this world, rather see beyond them. Help us realize the Truth and not waste our time in these illusions.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I recently watched a movie called Banaras, a mystic love story on the subject. Oh..and what a story.

I do recommend that you visit the writers blog, its mind boggling.


6/27/2006 2:23 PM  

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